Currently the following sets of non-alphabets are available for free download:

Crochet Type No. 2
Star Letter Combination
The Illimitable Border

Digital typefaces with their strict linear arrangement proofed to be impractical in emulating the properties of analogue typesetting. Instead of font software, the vector elements are provided as Symbols in Adobe Illustrator, making the Symbol palette a typecase-like container to be picked from.

The grid alignment of the elements in combination with the fundamental transformation of 90 or 180 degree rotation makes for a rather satisfying sensation close to the gestural simplicity of handsetting type.

We hope these non-alphabets are to your delight and would be pleased to receive in-use samples at

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These files are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC 4.0) license, enabling the use for non-commercial projects under the condition of explicit attribution to the authors. For other licensing options get in touch via

The provided files are compatible with Adobe Illustrator v15 and newer. We do not offer support of any kind for the use of those files — an introduction to working with Symbols in Adobe Illustrator can be found here.